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Accio Shag!

a post-hogwarts harry/draco & ron/hermione rpg

musebysentence | 94.14 Negotiation
I don't think offering him bloody Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans is going to get me anywhere this time, and I'm fast running out of ways to get him to forgive me.

imtoosexy & sortofgowithit | Christmas Morning
LINK: Harry had managed to get to Draco's by half past seven, but Scorpius had been tucked in an hour earlier. Despite the prospect of Santa coming to deliver presents was actually more than the little boy could bear, but according to Draco, he'd managed to get the kid to behave by promising him a visit from Harry Potter in the morning. Only Harry wouldn't come unless Scorpius went to sleep.

Harry didn't know what to think. Apparently he was even better than Santa to a six-year-old, and the idea both made Harry feel oddly proud, and also scared. What if Scorpius didn't really like Harry? What if the little boy really did catch him and his father practicing Quiddith moves? Harry had been a nervous wreck by the time he and Draco had finished some initial small talk, but the nerves vanished the moment Draco's lips were on his, and Harry forgot everything but the other wizard.

He could deconstruct their relationship for hours, but there was no denying chemistry...

Gryffindor vs. Slytherin | Night out @ Lumos
Neck B&W
Saturday night and the London chapter of Draco's not-so-little enterprise was heaving with people. A live band had kicked off the atmosphere earlier on in the night, but it was not left to a DJ to cater to the more hardcore dance scene. Nights like this, Draco had to do very little but put in an appearance. The staff kept the place running, and his more hands-on job was usually nine-to-five, hunched over a desk in his office or holding meetings to make sure the business side of things ran smoothly. This was where he got to let his hair down, and he was surprised to see a good portion of familiar faces in the crowd. People from Hogwarts. Interesting, the night the Golden Trio decided to haunt Draco's place of work that other slimeballs came out of the woodwork. Draco just did what he did best.

Pretended they didn't exist.

He peeled himself away from a rather hot guy in leather pants and silver spandex top that he had been grinding against on the dancefloor. The movements here made Dirty Dancing look like an episode of Teletubbies. Draco also knew that the back corridors of the club, the bathrooms, and the closed garden out the back would likely be full of people making out by now. So long as no bastards were passing out drugs, he didn't give a flying fuck. He collected a double scotch and soda on the rocks from the barman who had it waiting for him and took out his cigarettes. He slid into the booth beside Hermione, lighting up as he shot her a smirk. He blew the smoke up to the ceiling and held the cigarette away from her as he nursed the glass between his thumb and pinkie finger, taking a generous sip of it.

He let his eyes drop casually to her cleavage, still smirking. "Awfully big... booth you have here, Granger. Sharing it with all your friends, I see," he noted, gesturing to the empty seats beside her.

accioshag | Launching this week
accioshag will launch this week, anticipated Monday November 23rd 2009.

Feel free to add the community to your watch list. Please do NOT request to join, membership is for characters only. For more info, see the community profile in addition to the characters profiles, which you can locate by clicking on their picture on the profile page.